Virginia Tech vs Michigan 2012 Sugar Bowl


Check out our Sugar Bowl addition Next Gen designs for the Michigan Wolverines matched up against the Virginia Tech Hokies! Download them today by becoming a member for complete access to all our uniforms, rosters, & stadium sounds (audio files) These Michigan designs are one of many that we currently offer for members and you can use them in Play Now, Dynasty, Online Dynasty, or any online custom match. This game is a simulation of what our rosters predict for the 2012 Sugar Bowl and are not the actual outcome of the 2012 Sugar Bowl. Become a member today and take NCAA Football 12 to the next level as we also bring the fun of high school football into a video game for just $25. Take some time to view other designs on the site with over 200 to choose from it’s easy to see what dedicated work we put into our craft. These are the final designs after viewing the start of the Sugar Bowl broadcast and making final edits. If you have any questions about our service e-mail

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